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Through games of Mar 16, 2014.


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RPI Wizard allows you to change any of the games' wins/losses/probabilities or drop games to see what would happen to the team's RPI.
DateOpponent (Expected RPI)ConfLocScoreW/L/Prob(W)
11-9Drake (174.0)MVCH59-61
11-16Eastern Illinois (291.0)OVCH66-86
11-20Northwestern (123.0)B10H58-93
11-25San Diego (156.0)WCCN74-70
11-26Louisiana Tech (62.0)CUSAN78-103
11-27Wagner (218.0)NECN76-94
12-4SMU (53.0)AmerH65-73
12-7Loyola Chicago (288.0)MVCA73-70
12-14Southeast Missouri St. (257.0)OVCA69-75
12-20UC Riverside (319.0)BWA57-56
12-23Colorado St. (182.0)MWCA74-61
12-28Illinois (70.0)B10N74-60
1-2Valparaiso (184.0)HorzA87-72
1-7Youngstown St. (237.0)HorzH62-75
1-12Wright St. (173.0)HorzA58-53
1-16Milwaukee (131.0)HorzH63-67
1-19Green Bay (58.0)HorzH64-69
1-22Cleveland St. (91.0)HorzH64-74
1-25Oakland (181.0)HorzA76-75
1-29Detroit (230.0)HorzA74-68
2-1Valparaiso (184.0)HorzH46-70
2-5Green Bay (58.0)HorzA81-70
2-13Cleveland St. (91.0)HorzA73-53
2-15Youngstown St. (237.0)HorzA59-56
2-18Detroit (230.0)HorzH59-65
2-21Oakland (181.0)HorzH71-86
2-25Milwaukee (131.0)HorzA58-80
3-1Wright St. (173.0)HorzH61-68
3-4Valparaiso (184.0)HorzA73-63

The probabilities are based entirely on Jeff Sagarin's PREDICTOR.